The latest Egatur survey issued by the Institute of Tourism Statistics reveals that spending by foreign tourists who came to the Balearics between January and November last year totalled 10,880 million euros, an increase of almost six per cent compared with 2014.

Nationally, there was a spend of 63,657 million euros over the first eleven months of 2015, which equated to a 1.4% rise in average expenditure per tourist and a 4.4% increase in average daily expenditure. The highest-spending market was the UK’s.
It accounted for over 13,000 million euros and was a 10% increase. Although average daily spend by UK tourists rose by 9%, the average expenditure for the whole stay was down by 5% to 856 euros.

Though the Balearic figure was up over the eleven months as a whole, the figure for November (110 million) was down by more than 8% compared with November 2014. Average spend for the whole stay was up to 1,057 euros, but an average daily spend of 106 euros represented an 8% decrease.

In Spain as a whole the spending for November reached 3,943 million euros, a rise of 12% that was assisted by an almost 11% increase in the number of tourists. Average spending was up for both the whole stay and per day to 1,063 euros and 126 euros respectively.

By contrast with the Balearics, there were significant increases in November spending in Andalusia, Catalonia and the Madrid community of between 23.3% (Madrid) and 29.2% (Andalusia). The Canary Islands topped the list in terms of total tourist spending in November, but the figure of 1,189 million euros was down a fraction over 2014.