The British man (aged 50), identified as Warren Little, arrested for the murder of his 49-year-old wife, Lisa Jane Little, in Costa de la Calma (Calvia) on Saturday morning, appeared on Sunday afternoon before the on-duty judge, José Castro, at a court in Palma. He was said to have admitted to strangling her during a call he made to the emergency services 112 phone number in the early hours of Saturday morning. Forensic analysis would appear to confirm this. Following the hearing, the judge ordered that he should be detained. Bail was not offered.

The accused told the judge that he had been drinking and had taken drugs on the Friday night and suggested that what had occurred had been the consequence of a sadomasochistic sex game that had got out of hand. This claim was disputed by Guardia Civil investigators, who presented "irrefutable" evidence to the court in maintaining that the death occurred following a heated row over money.

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It is being reported, locally, that there had been no history of complaints of any mistreatment involving the suspect. However, Scotland Yard, with whom the Guardia Civil have made contact, say that there had been incidents involving his wife. Family of Lisa Jane are also reported as saying that the marriage was a stormy one.

The Guardia have been analysing the recording of the phone call made to 112 and other phone calls that may have been made around the same time.

Their relationship was such that Warren Little has been living permanently at the Siesta Apartments on the C. Bella Vista in Costa de la Calma since 2006, while his wife had been living variously in Majorca and in London. There is a nineteen-year-old daughter from the marriage who lives in England.