Guardia Civil surround the body.

The Guardia Civil have opened an investigation after a body was found floating in the sea in waters off  Llucmajor today.
The body, in an advanced state of decomposition, was found by two fishermen at 10am in the area of Cap de Regana, and they immediately raised the alarm.

A team of GEAS Guardia Civil divers were quickly on the scene, while the local police cordoned off the area and removed the body from the water. The body was then transferred to the yacht club in Arenal where forensic officers examined the body. But due to its advanced stage of decomposition, they were unable to identify the body or establish the cause of death.
However, the autopsy is going to be carried out tomorrow morning and the results of that, the authorities hope, should shed more light on the identity of the deceased and the cause of the death.

What the police do know is the body is of a middle-aged man and that the body still had a pair of trousers, but there was no sign of identity in the pockets. The police questioned a few local people but uncovered little to no leads.