The Balearic parliament has unanimously approved a motion brought by PSOE that urges the Spanish government to make legislative amendments in respect of the application of the residents' discount in airport charges.

The parliamentary tourism committee met this week, and a spokesperson for PSOE, Damián Borrás, said that the discount is not applied to airport charges because of a move by the Partido Popular in Congress during the legislature that ended prior to the December election. "This shows, once more, the need to improve air connectivity in favour of the rights and equality of opportunities for all the citizens of the Balearics."

Borrás criticised the fact that for flights to Barcelona and Madrid the airport charges alone can be up to 30 euros, which in some cases are more expensive than the actual fare from Palma and higher still from Minorca and Ibiza. He justified the demands of the Balearic parliament on the grounds that Aena, the airports authority, has such high revenue levels and that a good part of this revenue comes from Balearic airports. "It is more than justified that there is an application of the residents' discount in the charges as well."