The Gorg Blau has dried up. | M.A. Cañellas


President Armengol admitted today that there can be no guarantee of water supplies this summer. Referring to the drought and lack of rainfall, she also highlighted the overuse of aquifers in recent years.

The president said that the islands faced a difficult situation, and one that was not the fault of the current government. In responding to a parliamentary question from the leader of El Pi, Jaume Font, she said that it was a situation that nevertheless demands solutions.

Font was questioning the situation with desalinated water provision and whether it could guarantee water supplies this summer, while he also raised the need for there to be a unification in the price of water. Armengol replied that supply could be ensured where this supply is high but not in areas where aren't sufficient reserves.

"There has been an over-exploitation of aquifers, and desalination plants have not been used. We have found that transformers have been badly placed and not connected, meaning that supply cannot be guaranteed. It would be logical for there to be more reasonable water management with water infrastructure being a priority. If not, we cannot claim to be a tourist destination of the highest order in this respect."

The government will be investing some 13 million euros to alleviate the drought conditions and will be fixing infrastructure such as that in Manacor.