A full investigation was underway this evening after the bodies of two men were found at rural finca between Sineu and Maria de la Salut. Guardia Civil sources said that the two men had been renting the property and that there were no signs of violence, suggesting that foul play was not to blame for their deaths.

However, while investigators were awaiting the results of the autopsies, which were to carried out either tonight or on Saturday morning, the police were working on the theory that both men had died as a result of food poisoning and that both could have been dead on the isolated property for as long as 12 days.

Apparently, the alarm had been raised by the girlfriend of one of the victims who informed the owner of the property that she had not seen her boyfriend for a number of days. As a result, the owner visited the property this morning and came across the two bodies and immediately informed the Guardia Civil.

Investigators also confirmed that both of the men were aged in their early forties.