The amplification of the Dragonera Nature Park to include a marine reserve is one of the objectives of the Council of Majorca's environment department for the current legislature (until 2019). This was made clear during the first technical meeting to discuss Dragonera and to arrive at improved coordination of frameworks that regulate the area and so make its management more efficient.

Those attending the meeting were Sandra Espeja, the councillor for the environment, José Manchado, the director for the environment at the Council of Majorca, Caterina Amengual, the director-general of the regional government's natural spaces and biodiversity department, and representatives from various sectors, such as fishermen, ecologists and divers. The meeting wanted to hear from the various sectors which would be affected by the marine reserve.

The Natura Network 2000, the fishing reserve and the nature park were the frameworks for protection that were considered in order to find solutions in making management more straightforward, effective and coherent. The marine reserve was one of the core subjects covered by the meeting, and its establishment received the support of all those attending. The three frameworks, it was recognised, need to have their ambits brought together in creating a single and well-defined protection area.