Francina Armengol chairing the meeting with the Chamber of Commerce. | R.L.


The regional government and the Majorca Chamber of Commerce are to work together on business creation, training and internationalisation.

President Armengol and the minister for employment, trade and industry, Iago Negueruela, have met with José Luis Roses, the president of the Chamber of Commerce and considered ways for improving co-ordination and avoiding duplication. Negueruela said that the government shares many of the initiatives advanced by the chamber in respect of advice and information given to companies and to their greater internationalisation.

Roses, meanwhile, stressed the advisory role that the chamber has for the whole of the island's corporate sector and referred to the excellent work that has been done for personal development through the Youth Guarantee and Dual Training programmes. Nevertheless, he suggested that professional training in the Balearics  was something that requires boosting and greater resources.

The government is working with the individual chambers of commerce on the different islands in order to adapt Balearic regulations to the national law that deals with chambers of commerce. At present there are two lines of collaboration with the government's trade and business directorate, which is the body which gives the chamber its tutelage. One of these is an agreement on internationalisation of business. The other is the development of business competitiveness through entrepreneurial initiatives and an e-commerce programme, among others. In addition, the chamber is collaborating with the Institute for Business Innovation in promoting and supporting self-employment.

"We are working together in order to rationalise resources for what will be of benefit for businesses. We would like the Chamber of Commerce to be the voice of business," observed Roses.

Negueruela noted that there was co-operation in creating a legal framework for developing policies that encourage the business sector. "We are looking for ways of collaborating without there being duplication, such as in internationalisation, for which the Chamber of Commerce is key. We want to work side-by-side in developing better policies for business creation, entrepreneurship and innovation."

Roses concluded by saying that he hoped that government moratoria (on, for example, commercial developments) would be as short as possible in order to guarantee legal certainty for the business sector.