The regional minister of transport, Joan Boned, and the director-general for ports and airports, Xavier Ramis, have finally managed to have their meeting with the national minister for development, Ana Pastor. It was asked for months ago and one of the key reasons was to discuss the possibility of there being a flat-rate tariff of 30 euros for inter-island flights.

Following the meeting, Boned expressed his satisfaction. "The minister has shown she is open to our being able to apply the tariff. We have also spoken about any possible obstacles that there might be to this from Brussels. The regional government and the ministry will be working together to bring about the flat rate and on any issues with Brussels."

Reports pertaining to the European Commission are to be exchanged by the end of the month, at which point work can start on implementation of the tariff. "The only negative point was that this could have all been brought about in August. The situation is now very different, but one has to work around such imponderables," said Boned. It has of course to be noted that Pastor is currently in an acting capacity as a minister.

She was not as amenable on the issue of co-management of Balearic airports. Indeed, she was totally against the idea. "She dug her heels in over this and won't accept regional management only a global formula for airports."

At the meeting in Madrid, Boned also raised the issue of state investments in the Majorcan rail network. "The minister was surprised, because she didn't know why this type of investment should have been suspended. The agreement on railways has increased to 443 million euros and there are 312 million outstanding. The aim is to now recover this money, because it is a major investment, especially for Majorca."