A survey of "hopes" held by people in the Balearics by the GfK market researchers and Cofidis finance company finds that travel is at the top of their list. The "hope barometer" has risen one point to 56 out of 100 this year, with the Balearics rising to tenth from fourteenth of the Spanish regions. The conclusion from this is that there is a tentative increase in the level of hope in 2016 compared with last year.

On average, people in the Balearics expect to undertake five "projects" this year, with travel being top of the list among almost half of those surveyed, followed by losing weight (37%) and studying (23%). Other projects that have been given greater relevance this year are stopping smoking (up from 9% to 21%) and being careful with food (from 7% to 18%).

Of other things that are to be hoped for, a salary raise is wanted by 22%, when it was hoped for by only 8% in 2015, while buying a house rises from 9% to 17%. Playing sports, though, drops from 27% to 22%.

Women are apparently more hopeful than men, while single people are much more excited about things in 2016 than married people: the difference being 64 out of 100 against 46 out of 100. People between the ages of 15 and 34 are just as hopeful as those from 35 to 54 (61 out of 100) and more so than the over-55s (48 out of 100).