There are too many illegal advertising billboards creating blots on the Pollensa landscape, according to the town hall's ruling administration, which is led by Junts Avançam and whose mayor is one-time spokesperson for the GOB environmentalist lobby group, Miquel Angel March.

The number of billboards has increased in recent years without any control having been exercised by the town hall. The current administration wants to put an end to them, arguing that they affect the general landscape. It is asking owners of land on which the billboards have been placed to "voluntarily" have them removed. Because of previous "sloppiness" (a jibe, it is presumed, aimed at the last town hall administration), the number has grown. So long as they are removed, though, there will be no sanctions taken.

Once the period for voluntary removal ends, however, the town hall will open proceedings that could lead to fines and to orders to take down the billboards. The town hall is pointing out that a provision under the declaration of World Heritage Site status for the Tramuntana mountains (Pollensa is covered by this) recommends special control of impact on the landscape.