The Arta-Lluc route has natural beautiful landscapes. | M. Ramis


Ambitions for a grand, long-distance hiking route to link the mountains of Arta with the Tramuntana have been on the back burner for some years. The initial approval for the development of this route, its control and activities that may occur along it was given at the start of December 2008. This was known as the special plan for the organisation and protection of the Arta-Lluc route, but its final approval was not sought until May 2011. Since then, the project has pretty much been forgotten, with not one single procedure having been established in order to introduce the route.

The Council of Majorca is now reviving the project and is committing to something that should have great benefits for environmental and hiking tourism. A recent full meeting of the Council ratified the initial 2008 approval and opened the way to public information and consultation to allow members of the public and various organisations to make proposals regarding a project that will now be adapted to current circumstances.

The Arta-Lluc route would, therefore, form part of the network of hiking routes classified as GR ("gran recorrido" to mean long distance). It would embrace the municipalities of Arta itself, Son Servera, Capdepera, Santa Margalida, Petra, Ariany, Maria de la Salut, Muro, Llubi, Inca, Selva and then Escorca, which is the municipality in which Lluc is located. It would consist of a main route of almost 100 kilometres (98.92 to be exact) with branches off it of with a combined further length of approximately 35 kilometres.