The mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodriguez, told the Bulletin on Tuesday morning that he was going to host a security meeting today and during the talks concern was aired about the need for extra security in resorts like Magalluf during Euro 2016 soccer matches, especially as England, Wales and Northern Ireland are all going to be playing, although the main focus is going to be on England matches.

Teresa Palmer, the central government delegate to the Balearics co-chaired today’s meeting of Calvia’s security board. In addition to the mayor, the meeting was attended by the Guardia Civil’s colonel-in-chief in the Balearics, Jaume Barceló, members of the council and representatives from the Local Police. Palmer told the gathering that the delegation has already been in contact with the interior ministry to ask for reinforcements for potential trouble spots, as is the case each summer, and to also ask that these additional police should stay for a greater length of time because of what will be a longer season.

In recent years "Operation Summer" has run from late June to September, but the town hall believes that it is "essential" that it should last longer because this year, there are high expectations that the season is going to be extended. There is to be a greater police presence in nightlife parts of the municipality this season.

Jaume Barcelo told those at the meeting that last year, which witnessed a greater police presence on the streets in key hotspot resorts and the introduction of new and tougher municipal bylaws, the number of incidents fell by 3.6 per cent and that the intention is to reduce the figure even further this year.

The mayor said that the council is not only concerned about holidaymakers having a safe and enjoyable holiday but also making sure that local residents feel secure and protected.

The cooperation between the local police and the Guardia Civil was increased last year and proved extremely effective and this year a special joint plan called VIOGEN is being launched to tackle and deal with cases of domestic violence.

Rodriguez also told the Bulletin this week that he would like to see the return of British police officers but in greater numbers and for a longer duration. As yet, the council has yet to submit an official application to the relevant authorities in the UK but  intends to do so soon.