The Royal Family at the Marivent in 2015. | Joan Torres

Government spokesperson Marc Pons said yesterday that there is "respect, trust and mutual understanding" with the Royal Household when it comes to the issue of the opening of the gardens of the Marivent Palace to the general public.

Though there isn't as yet a date for when this will be formally agreed (it won't be this summer), Pons added that it will be during the period of the current government.

The opening of the gardens at the residence used by King Felipe and family for summer vacations was one of the agreements for government that Pons' party, PSOE, struck with Més and Podemos. In moving towards a time when the gardens will be open, Pons stressed the "maximum collaboration" that exists between the government and the Royal Household. "There is a good feeling and steps are being taken."

King Felipe received representatives of the main political institutions at the Marivent last summer, to whom he showed his willingness to look at the project to open the gardens to the public.