The German man and Russian wife.


Three weeks after a young woman was strangled to death by her boyfriend in Son Servera, a 46-year-old Russian woman would seem to have stabbed her 65-year-old German husband to death in the Sant Llorenç part of Cala Millor. The woman, it appears, was in a rage with her husband and almost cut his arm off. She planned, it is said, to have fed this to their dog.

Shortly after 5pm on Friday, a friend of the woman's contacted the 112 emergency number, calling for help because of a violent incident. She gave the address as Calle Bellavista 11. Officers from the Guardia Civil station in Arta went to the scene and initially were unsure what had happened. When they entered the house, however, they found Horst Hans Henkels lying face down and with signs of extreme violence. He had numerous wounds to the legs and body and also to one arm, which had been almost torn off.

Svetla Batukova was in a daze, unable to speak and staring vacantly. The tracksuit she was wearing was totally covered in blood. She was unable to give any information to the Guardia officers as she was unable to react. A patrol took her initially to the psychiatric unit at Manacor Hospital, where she was attended to. She was in shock but also very drunk. She was then taken to the Guardia station in Arta for questioning.

While officers from the judicial police unit in Manacor and the Murder squad investigated the scene, the dog - an American Staffordshire - was kept in a room in order that it didn't attack anyone. The victim's left arm had an enormous tear between the wrist and forearm. The woman had seemingly attempted to cut off the end of the arm and had intended to give this to the dog.

The woman is due to appear in court in Manacor on Monday.