The municipal company (SMAP) which manages nine underground car parks in Palma is to beef up security arrangements. This follows the dismissal of five employees of Trablisa, which operates the car parks. The measures include the installation of new security cameras at the exits and greater promotion of payment through the ticket machines or smartphones and not at the windows at the exits.

Trablisa dismissed the employees after becoming aware of discrepancies with parking tickets. It would seem that there are only six instances that are known about for sure and that they occurred at the Antoni Maura and Via Roma car parks. The values ranged from 12 euros to over 100 euros, though it isn't possible to determine exactly how much has gone missing or when it went missing.

SMAP insists that there has not been a "hole" in the cash taken at the car parks, but despite the fact that only two car parks were affected, it has decided to take measures at all of them.

The dismissed employees have not been reported to the police because it isn't known how much has gone missing. The way in which the thefts occurred was by attendants at the windows giving out a copy of tickets for originals, the payment for which was not entered into the cash box.

SMAP became aware of the discrepancies following the introduction of a new clause in the contract with Trablisa by which it had to conduct a quality audit. This updated contract came into effect last November. It could yet be, however, that there have been issues with other car parks, as SMAP is awaiting the results of the audit of all the facilities.