EasyJet looking to expand in Palma.

EasyJet today announced that the airline has chosen Palma as the location of its first seasonal base and will have three Airbus A319/320 aircraft based there for eight months of the year starting in spring 2017.

The airline has flown more than 17 million passengers to and from Palma since its operations began in 1997 and currently carries over 1.7 million passengers a year from 22 bases across its European network. Palma remains one of the most popular summer destinations from the UK and northern Europe and so basing aircraft there better matches customer demand which is higher from early spring to late summer.  

In the future the move will also help easyJet connect the island with more airports across Europe not currently served by the airline. With this investment, the airline's contribution to the local economy will increase as it will see the creation of more than 120 direct pilot and cabin crew jobs in Palma, all compliant with the Spanish labour legislation.

It will also give easyJet’s pilots and cabin crew around Europe a lifestyle option of living and working in Majorca for eight months of the year with four months off.

Carolyn McCall, easyJet’s CEO, said: “I am pleased to be announcing the first seasonal base in our network. This is another example of developing new initiatives to make our business model even more efficient. The base provides a solution that matches the seasonal needs of the market. Palma is one of our most popular destinations and so with the new base we will be able to better respond to customer demand.