The new tender process for running Palma’s Palacio de Congresos will cover both the convention centre and the hotel.
The rental of both is to be included in the same bidding process.
Following yesterday’s board meeting, the president of the Palacio company, Palma tourism councillor Joana Maria Adrover, stressed that nothing is going to be up for sale, a reference to the fact that the previous tender and award (now annulled) included an option to purchase the hotel.
The complex, she said, was something that the people of the Balearics had paid for and will continue to pay for.

Direct benefit
The direct benefit will come from the rental income and the indirect benefit from the attendees in the low season.
The first draft of the spec was presented at the board meeting and will be worked on before the definitive tender specification is published in the final week of this month. There will then be a period of 52 days for presenting bids.
The decision to put the convention centre and hotel together is based on a recommendation from Deloitte.
Given that the national tribunal that deals with public sector contracts recently upheld an appeal by a company which had lost the specific tender for seating in the two auditoriums, there is to be a new tender for this as well. Adrover said that there is no intention of appealing the ruling.

New process
The new process will be of “maximum” openness and open to any company that wishes to bid.
Adrover added that by the time that the award for running the complex is made, there will be seats installed.
Now, a fresh debate is raging over what to do with the old and abandoned GESA building which has been classed as a protected building.