One of the beaches being protected is Cala Torta.

Observing developments in respect of the Es Trenc Nature Park in the south of the island, the town hall in Arta is wanting similar arrangements to those which will apply to Campos. Its mayor, Bartomeu Gili, is to therefore propose to the government that the Llevant Nature Park is expanded, that Arta receives the same sort of compensation as Campos and that there is expropriation of a plot for car parking under municipal control.

Arta feels that it has long fought to protect land in the park without receiving much if anything by way of return. As Gili points out, there are fourteen unspoiled beaches and the town hall assumes responsibility for their maintenance as it also does for their cleaning and for the payment of lifeguards. It receives nothing by way of income for this. Campos, by contrast, has sun loungers and chiringuitos on its beaches. Gili stresses that he has no problem with another municipality obtaining remuneration, just that he would like Arta to be given some consideration as well.

One of the problems that Arta has faced for some years is a lack of car parking in summer. The town hall has analysed different solutions related to different plots of land but they all have some associated problem. The mayor says that the town hall would "love it" if the park could be expanded. But ideally the finca of Es Canons would be acquired and become part of the park in order to facilitate access to the nature park from Cala Torta and to create car parking. The government would do the purchasing and the town hall would manage it and invest proceeds in improving infrastructure.

Gili highlights the fact that Arta residents pay high taxes for everyone to be able to use the beaches. "We are delighted that tourists and others come, but we believe it is only fair to compensate the town's residents for the efforts made in protecting the land."

The town hall has unanimously approved a motion to seek compensation via the fund for municipal cooperation. Gili says that current criteria are not evenly balanced between municipalities. The level of protection in Arta is comparable to many parts of the Tramuntana mountains for which there is greater funding. Arta took the decision to limit tourism development and give priority to environmental protection. "The only income we receive for the use of public land (beach) is from Colonia Sant Pere, and the Costas Authority makes a charge for that," adds the mayor.

In summer, he also points out, there is a great need to control car parking and so the town hall has to devote police resources to this. In conclusion, he says that the town hall has made repeated calls for the enhancement and expansion of the Llevant Nature Park, while the town has also sought to ensure that efforts in respect of natural and cultural tourism make it a quality destination.