Healthy cuisine prepared with natural ingredients. | Bindi

Bindi promotes a new concept in fusion in which ingredients are combined in the healthiest way, conserving all the natural properties and benefits for the body.

In differentiating itself from other Indian restaurants, Bindi avoids the use of industrially treated food and spices and uses only natural ingredients, which gives a more intense aroma, resulting in exquisite dishes that are more digestible and healthy. Naan, tandoori, curry ... the Indian delicacies that Bindi prepares are with spices, such as ginger, which have benefits for health, aid the digestion and possess anti-cancer properties.

Among the restaurant's specialities are dishes prepared with quinoa, such as the biryani speciality of the house. This is cuisine that is highly traditional in the north of India and is made with rice and a mix of meat, chicken and vegetables accompanied by a spicy sauce. To make this even more healthy, Bindi substitutes the rice with quinoa, a whole grain for the body that is easily digested.

In addition, the restaurant's location is very important for the quality of the fresh ingredients that go into the dishes. The proximity of the Santa Catalina market means a supply of high-quality produce.

Overall, Bindi offers the best of traditional Indian cuisine through its dishes with a grand richness of flavours, freshly prepared and healthy and natural.

Bindi is at C. San Magin 84, Santa Catalina, Palma.
Hours: 1pm-3-30pm / 7pm-midnight. Closed on Tuesdays and on Saturday lunchtimes.
Telephone: 871 968 320