The reorganisation of Calvia's local police force will be an item for discussion at the upcoming council meeting. The aim of this reorganisation, which will apply from October, will be to give the force a more preventative role.

There are to be three police units: community policing (a new one); the operating unit and the support unit. Each unit will be headed by an inspector who will assume responsibility for weekly command.

There will be nine divisions within the three units. The community policing unit will be broken down into the Llevant and Ponent divisions, while the operating unit will have multi-purpose and nighttime divisions. The support unit will consist of divisions for reporting and statements, for citizen attention, for gender violence, for activities and for traffic. The latter three are new.

The main innovation of all this will be the community policing unit which will respond to the needs of community safety through strategies of visibility, stability, accessibility, proximity and problem-solving. The Llevant and Ponent divisions will be further broken down according to sectors and zones. The gender violence division will be in place to meet protocols to be established by Calvia police's comprehensive system for dealing with cases of gender violence.

The activities division will deal with compliance with bylaws, legislation related to activities, planning regulations and other related issues. It will provide technical support to the community policing units and work with the town hall's activities department and other departments in checking on complaints that are received.

The traffic division will be responsible for ensuring compliance with traffic rules and regulations, for speed and drink-driving controls, for traffic controls by schools and for various events and campaigns aimed at, among others, accident prevention and instilling best practice on driving among the young.