While British bars across the island will have been packed for Monday evening's Chelsea-Spurs game, there was one bar where there was a particularly strong interest in the outcome of that match. The Foxes Arms in Alcudia is (as far as I'm aware) the only Leicester City bar on the island, and its landlord - dyed-in-the-wool Foxes' supporter and son of the city of Leicester, Jamie Preston - left no one in any doubt as to his delight at Spurs' inability to beat Chelsea. The moment came, the whistle blew and, as someone remarked, there was some idiot running up and down the road with a flag. With a flourish akin to when Spain win international championships, it was Jamie, crying olé with a distinct Leicester twang.

From a Spurs fan, who had not expected to find Mr Preston having opened up again at nine this morning, congratulations to Leicester.