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The Balearic Islands, says Trip Advisor, are the favourite holiday destination for Europeans this summer: Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza head the top ten preferences. By nationality, Majorca is favoured by the British, the French, the Russians and the Germans, the latter of whom, reveals Trip Advisor, are also keen on Ibiza. The Italians are apparently more disposed to going to Minorca or Formentera.

The website suggests that a week in an Ibizan hotel (plus meals) will be the costliest in the Balearics: 1,918 euros. The week of 26 September will be when things are at their least costly: 32% below the average high summer price in Minorca, 27% cheaper in Ibiza and 18% lower in Majorca.

Generally, the Balearics will be Spain's most expensive holiday region. The average price for Spanish hotels booked through Trip Advisor will be 88.65 euros this summer. In the Balearics the average is 145.73 euros. The most economic of the four islands is said to be Majorca, followed by Minorca, with Ibiza and Formentera having the highest prices.