Sheltering from the rain. | Pere Bota


This morning and then continuing into the early afternoon as a storm tracked across Majorca, over 70 bolts of lighting struck the island, according to the Aemet meteorology agency. The storm unleashed torrential rain and hailstorms in parts of the island.

The level two storm alert for Majorca and Minorca was lifted later in the afternoon and the front of storms and heavy rain are moving away and will give a much drier and warmer weekend.

But so far, this May is proving to be colder and wetter than last year. The water authorities in the Balearics will not be complaining, however, as water resources are currently at half last year’s levels with the threat of a summer drought looking possible.

Aemet confirmed today that we should have seen the last of any adverse weather and that the fine and warm weather should set the tone for the rest of the month as summer begins to take hold.

A significant rise in temperatures is forecast for next week, with the chance of any rain being minimal. Temperatures over the past few days have been around 2ºC below average for this time of year, but the summer is expected to be a long one.