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The mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodríguez, has issued a "proclamation" in respect of the tourism season. Before what he describes as being "months of total occupancy that we expect", he says that he wishes to remind the people of Calvia of the need to respect rules and regulations that will guarantee safety, security, well-being and co-existence. "Only with the efforts of everyone - businesses, residents and the administration - will we realise the common desire for a quality destination."

The mayor highlights seven key areas of local ordinance. Among these and the first which is listed is the prohibition of disturbance through noise in public and private places that is not set according to legally established limits. Secondly, he says that street selling is banned throughout the whole of the municipality.

Moving on to bars and clubs, there are regulations concerning the messages of promotions. Not permitted are the likes of "free bar, happy hour, 2x1". Bar crawls are subject to authorisation by the town hall and so also to municipal regulations. They can in any event occur only between 8pm and midnight and can have a maximum of 20 people.

Issuing a reminder that the sale of alcohol to under-18s is against the law, the mayor restates the fact that there is a ban on the sale of alcohol by shops from midnight until 8am and that there is a further prohibition in respect of shop promotional messages and displays which promote alcohol consumption.