Playa de Palma police action against beach masseuses. | Alejandro Sepulveda


While Palma's local police and the National Police today staged a joint operation against women providing illegal massages on the beach in Playa de Palma, Calvia Council was issuing a clear statement that it is not going to tolerate any anti-social behaviour in its resorts, in particular Magalluf, this summer. "The council is going to have zero tolerance towards any activities which could damage the municipality’s image."

The local police today opened an investigation into the video of a group of drunken youngsters playing party games which has been posted online within the past few days. They are also following up reports which appeared in the British press over the weekend about a lad who downed 75 shots in a Magalluf bar.

As far as the council is concerned it intends to take action against the bar in which the video was filmed and the establishment in which the tourist was served the shots. It will do so against any bars or clubs which continue to serve clients when they have clearly consumed too much alcohol. The council is not acting alone in this crackdown. It has the full support and cooperation of other administrations and the national government's delegation to the Balearics.

In Playa de Palma the local police’s public safety unit handed out penalties for breaches of local ordinance prohibiting massages, while the National Police’s illegal immigration and false documentation unit (UCRIF) checked on the documentation of the masseuses on the beach, the majority of whom were Asian. More than thirty people were confronted by the police during the operation.