Ioan Ciotan appeared in court in Inca today.

01-06-2016Alejandro Sepulveda

Lucia Patrascu, the Romanian woman stabbed to death by her husband in Puerto Pollensa on Sunday morning, had gone to the local Guardia Civil some four hours before the attack took place. It would seem that she had intended to denounce her husband but in the end she did not.

The Guardia command headquarters in Palma has opened an internal investigation to establish if the procedures for dealing with cases of gender violence were followed in the correct manner. It will be taking statements from the duty commander and other officers at the Puerto Pollensa station at the time when she went there - around six o'clock on Sunday morning. The Palma command has made clear that if there was a lack of professionalism, action will be taken. "We can guarantee that there will not be any corporatism". A court in Inca will be considering the actions of the Puerto Pollensa Guardia on the day in question.

Meanwhile, events on Sunday morning are becoming clearer. One factor is that only one witness, a German, actually went to try and help the woman. This was despite the fact that numerous residents and passers-by were aware of the initial altercation inside the apartment and then witnessed the stabbing on the balcony. Of these witnesses, some of them, or so it would appear, were more intent on recording what was happening. Guardia investigators suspect that there may have been an intention to sell the recordings.

Ioan Ciotan, who was arrested at the scene on Sunday, yesterday appeared before an Inca court which specialises in violence against women. He has been charged with murder and was ordered to be detained in custody.


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Clive / Hace over 5 years

Police in Mallorca do not care about foreigners. Even foreigners who pay high taxes, they simply shrug their shoulders at the police station. We reported violent road rage and threats from a local who dislike us - but police refused to help us.

Catalan racism and exceptionalism is so unwelcome within the EU. Just look at how they run protection rackets against Uber and Airbnb. A true joke!


Sean Dobson / Hace over 5 years

Shame on all those who saw the stabbing but did nothing,as for those who recorded the stabbing and did nothing,you obviously HAVE NO SHAME,best to crawl back under your stones. Well done to the Woman who had the human decency to try to help,a foreigner,a fact that all those who did nothing or worse,had the inhumanity to film it and do nothing,should remember with shame till the day they die.