The hotel in Arenal where the man died.

02-06-2016Alejandro Sepulveda

A 44-year-old Dutchman of Dominican Republic origin collapsed and died in the toilets of a hotel in the calle Trasimé in Playa de Palma (Arenal) at around 6am this morning (Thursday).

According to hotel sources, he had suddenly run into reception, shouting and complaining of serious pains. He then rushed into the toilets, closely followed by concerned staff, grabbed a toilet brush and began trying to shove it down his throat. But just seconds later he collapsed and died.

Members of the National Police's rapid reaction unit were quickly on the scene, together with support from the homicide and drugs squads. Sources close to the investigation say that he had clearly digested a large amount of drugs (cocaine) in small packages and that one had split, causing his death. The police have concluded, therefore, that he was a drugs mule.

Police also found a series of Whatsapp messages on the victim’s phone from someone who had been trying to provide him with information as to how to expel the drugs. In one he was advised to take some sunflower oil and sugar.

The investigation will continue while the police await the autopsy results.


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