Sir Roger Gale, concerned about expatriates' pensions and welfare.

21-09-2006H. Carter

Conservative MP for North Thanet, Sir Roger Gale, who has not only served as an MP for 33 years but is also a champion of expatriates' rights said today that Thursday was a "very said day for the UK".

One of Sir Roger’s many responsibilities is as chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on frozen British pensions, which exists to bring together parliamentary supporters of the case to unfreeze frozen British state pensions overseas and to campaign for reform on this issue.

The APPG supports the 550,000 British pensioners, half of whom live overseas and are currently adversely affected by the government’s frozen pension policy.

"The decision to leave the EU is going to be extremely damaging. It was a knee-jerk reaction to immigration. Perhaps, if the two million expatiates had been all allowed to vote, the outcome may have been very different.

"I think those who suffered the biggest shock was the leave group because they have no road map, no plan B. They don’t know what to do next. The amounts of money which Farage and co were claiming were going to be recouped from Brussels is rubbish, a complete fudge, that 320 million doesn’t exit.

"So, what does that mean? Cuts and cuts at home and that will hit the poorest and the most vulnerable, such as pensioners and for those living in the Euro zone. They have already seen their pensions devalued 10 per cent on the back of the value of the pound falling, and we shall what happens when markets open on Monday.

"All we’re going to save from pulling out of Brussels is small change, so whoever is going to be in charge, they are going to have to find the money in what will eventually be left of the UK. Scotland, having voted so strongly to remain, has a clear mandate to hold behind-closed-doors talks with Brussels and secure compensation from the EU for money they have lost from London, which means Sturgeon will return to Scotland with an offer the country cannot refuse. Then we’ll see what happens to a united Ireland. This is the beginning of the break-up of the United Kingdom, and England will end up like Guernsey," Sir Roger warned.

"What is more, we are going to have the majority of MPs on both sides of the house working on a project they do not believe in. It’s created political mayhem and divided the main parties," he added.


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Ron / Hace over 5 years

Oh dear - I do hope this Brexit carry on doesn't mean Britain will be kicked out of the Eurovision Song Contest.


Simon Tow / Hace over 5 years

Jill, so in other words, no business owners IN the EU have ever had to sack their workers and sell their house ?.


Jill Carter / Hace over 5 years

In reply to Peter Hardie, the trading situation may sort itself out in time, but in the meantime there will be huge uncertainty. My neighbour (in rural East Anglia) was a very depressed man yesterday. He's had orders (from financial services companies) for his manufacturing business on hold for months. He doesn't expect those orders to be confirmed, or the others which would have naturally followed. This means he'll have to sack workers and sell his house. This will be the picture across the country. it's the small businesses which are the backbone of the UK economy. There will be no "independence" or "taking back control" in such an inter-connected world. This vote has been a tragedy for Britain and will take us back decades.


Peter Hardie / Hace over 5 years

Sorry wrong again. Brexit has a very definite set of objectives and telling lies that they don't is mere sour grapes on your part. We should not even negotiation with the remnant EU (which will not xist in 5 years anyway (as there will be a new Common Market not the United States of Europe)

All we need to do is stand on the basic World Trade Organisation rules and tell the EU to keep their demands because they have to accept the WTO rules by binding agreement to which they are signatories. All we have to do is pay the max 1.5% import duty to the EU AND they have to pay the same to us on the imports to the UK. But since they sell us far far more than we sell them then the UK Exchequer is in a win win situation. We can negotiate to the extent that all EU national currently living in the UK can remain provided all UK nationals living in the EU can remain also. No Brit living legally in Spain will be worse off! Stop scare mongering


Alan / Hace over 5 years

Scotland voted to stay in Europe that's completely different to voting yes in an Independence referendum. Sturgeon would be stupid to think that this is an indication that we will vote any differently than the last time, in fact it wouldn't surprise me if the 55% who vote no actually went up!