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British expatriates planning a trip back to the UK are not yet covered by the new double-jab travel scheme.


Viewpoint: No double-jab for expatriates yet

British expatriates planning a trip back to the UK are not yet covered by the new double-jab travel scheme.

Humphrey Carter12/07/2021 11:13

The Hairy Bikers with Marc Fosh at Olivar Market, Palma

Frank Talking

The 'Hairy Bikers' homesick blues

In my ruder moments when writing in the Bulletin, I have occasionally mocked the concept of the ‘permanent tourist’ - but, if that’s what browns your breasts - so be it!

Frank Leavers17/04/2020 09:18

Sir Roger Gale campaigning for expatriates.


Senior MP backs call for Brexit dual nationality

Britons living in Spain will not have their lives “disrupted” after Brexit - even if there is no UK-EU deal, the Spanish foreign minister Alfonso Dastis has said.

Humphrey Carter15/02/2018 00:00

Brexit, Brexit, Brexit ...


Post-Brexit rights for expatriates are of paramount importance

Conservative MP Sir Roger Gale tells the Bulletin that he is deeply concerned about what Brexit is really going to mean for expatriates currently living in the EU.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter13/08/2017 00:00

Sir Roger Gale, concerned about expatriates' pensions and welfare.

EU referendum

This is the beginning of the break-up of the United Kingdom

"I think those who suffered the biggest shock was the leave group because they have no road map, no plan B. They don’t know what to do next."

Humphrey Carter25/06/2016 00:00

Balearic government giving reassuring message to British visitors and residents.

EU referendum

Brexit: Balearic government issues message of reassurance to expatriates

The government stressed that there would be no immediate effect on British residents or visitors.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter24/06/2016 00:00

Kate Mentink, who has worked closely with the Spanish authorities in considering Brexit.

EU referendum

Brexit reactions in Majorca: Impact on expatriates

"In June 2018 all of the current agreements Britain has with the EU, be it Spain, France, wherever, will become null and void."

Humphrey Carter24/06/2016 00:00

British pensioners in Majorca and elsewhere in Spain could find their lives disrupted by Brexit.

EU referendum

Looming EU referendum casts shadow for British retirees in Spain

"I think a lot of people will leave here and go back to England and they will just have to find places to put us in England."

01/06/2016 00:00

Ambassador Simon Manley with Register to Vote banner .

EU referendum

More than 1,000 expatriates per day registering to vote in referendum

British Ambassador to Spain Simon Manley urges Britons living here  to have their say in EU referendum.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter04/05/2016 00:00

EU referendum

Brexit: No guarantees from PM for expats 

"If we vote to leave, however, we simply cannot guarantee that those benefits we enjoy as members of the EU will remain in place."

Humphrey Carter12/04/2016 00:00

The older generation may wish to go back, but Palma is an attractive place for the younger generation.


A third of older British expats will be moving back to the UK

A high number of people hoping to retire abroad have been left feeling unfulfilled and will return to the UK.

30/03/2016 00:00

Backing the stay vote: Prime Minister David Cameron in the Canary Islands.

EU referendum

Why you should vote in the European referendum

Time is moving on for Britons to have a say in the forthcoming referendum on Britain's EU membership, which will potentially affect everyone's lives in both the UK and overseas.

Peter Newey28/03/2016 00:00

The British Ambassador met tourism authorities during the Bulletin breakfast on Tuesday.


Majorca's politicians want greater foreign resident integration

The Council of Majorca’s Cosme Bonet expressed his desire to see British expatriates integrate with the local community more and all parties around the table agreed.

Humphrey Carter16/03/2016 00:00

Sir Roger Gale fighting for expatriates.

EU referendum

High Court could overturn 15-year voting rule for expatriates

Sir Roger Gale, MP for North Thanet in Kent and once a Eurosceptic has spoken up specifically in defence of expatriates.

Humphrey Carter16/03/2016 00:00

Europe Minister claims Britons may no longer be able to move to Spain

EU referendum

Europe Minister claims Britons may no longer be able to move to Spain

In a Daily Telegraph report today, Lidington was quoted as saying: “The rights of British citizens to go and live in Spain or France - those would all be up in the air. It is massive. It is massive what is at risk.”

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter29/02/2016 00:00

Surge in expats applying to register to vote as EU referendum date is set

EU referendum

Surge in expats applying to register to vote as EU referendum date is set

The average daily rate of online registrations by Britons abroad has quadrupled from an average of just over 600 per day before the announcement of the referendum date.

Humphrey Carter25/02/2016 00:00

Sir Roger Gale is fighting the corner for expatriates.

EU referendum

Cameron “cannot guarantee what will happen to expats"

“This is a very worrying situation for those who have chosen to work and retire overseas and for those planning to do so.”

Humphrey Carter23/02/2016 00:00

EU referendum

Have your say

Join the Bulletin campaign to have our say on the European referendum. Everyone should be able to vote not just those who have lived outside Britain for under 15 years. Petition: Extend Eu referendum voting rights to all UK citizens living abroad.

22/02/2016 00:00