Air traffic controllers' strikes in France are having regular impact on Majorca flights. | Pere Bota


THE eleventh French air traffic controllers’ strike in three months caused flight delays and cancellations in the Balearics yesterday. By mid-afternoon, airport authority Aena confirmed that a total of 27 flights had been cancelled to and from the Balearics  - 23 affecting Palma and the remainder Ibiza. However, while most of the cancellations were between the Balearics and destinations in France, scores of flights from the United Kingdom suffered lengthy delays.

EasyJet said yesterday morning: “As 65% of our flights fly over France, the strike is having an impact on our flights to and from French airports as well as those flying over French airspace. Just like other airlines we are subject to French air traffic regulations, we therefore expect delays and cancellations.

“We are going to be doing everything possible to minimise the impact of the strike on our customers, and have taken the decision to proactively cancel a number of flights, allowing customers to re-organise their journeys. As this is the eleventh French strike in three months we understand that it can be a very frustrating situation for all customers travelling at this time of year.”