Can Picafort, the new Ithaca of the Mediterranean

All travellers receive secret surprises from journeys of which they know nothing. Think of Ulysses on his journey to Ithaca or Christopher Columbus discovering the New World or James Cook in distant seas. They sailed seas and oceans without really knowing what they would find. But they all made journeys as important as what would be their destinations. Along the way they found ports at which they could rest and take it easy. The sea knows nothing of the past, simply that it is there. Memories are covered in the ports. Each port is different, each one contains a different distance: they are ones with open arms that welcome you from the ferocity of the open sea.

Joan Bennàssar has also started a journey in which he will find surprises of which he knows nothing. But he, like Ulysses, Columbus and Cook, has known to establish ports along this journey, the "ports of seaweed", that form the exhibition of sculptures that can be seen along the front in Can Picafort.

The first port, in the Plaça Cervantes, is the Desire, the desire that moves us, that makes us go forward and hurts us; the desire for which we often want more than the same object of desire.
The second port, opposite the terrace of Ca Ses Monges, is the Ritual, a ritual played out by women and men, of those who help us to live.
The third port, in Clot de s’Alga, is the Treasure, a treasure represented by five female figures: piety, goodness, beauty, hope and forgiveness.
The final port is the Wound. This wound that burns and hurts you even when you breathe, one that is only cured by the salt and iodine of the sea. One that, sooner or later, is healed.

Of all the ports, however, Bennàssar shows us his ports in the form of paintings - personal, unique and vital. The ports with bollards where existence is moored. The exhibition "My Ports" can be seen in the old church. "Ports of Seaweed" is the main focus for the project "Can Picafort, the new Ithaca of the Mediterranean". Promoted by the town hall, it begins its path this year with the aim of converting the tourist resort into a cultural centre that complements its distinguished restaurants and shops.

In addition to the project "My Ports", there is the Saladina Art Fest, which will close the circle and take place in October. A local artist plus a national and an international one will make artistic interventions on the fronts of degraded buildings in Can Picafort in order to make the general environment that little bit more agreeable.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to invite all the residents of Can Picafort and Santa Margalida, all Majorcans and all visitors from abroad to enjoy Can Picafort, its culture and the warmth of its people.
Projects such as this will help us to make this a reference point for culture in our island.

Joan Monjo
Santa Margalida deputy mayor and town hall delegate to Can Picafort