The four car parks in Palma for a fiver a day.


Traffic restrictions and alterations to roads that are either planned or have been implemented in Palma have led to concerns about the availability of parking. There is also the not insignificant issue of the cost of parking in the city centre, so a leaflet produced by the town hall may be of benefit.

This is being specifically targeted at tourists. In five languages - Castellano, Catalan, English, French and German - it suggests that visitors park their cars and "forget" them at four car parks which until now have not been used. These are: on the calle Manacor (which leads into the Avenidas near the larger El Corte Inglés); at Son Fuster, a good way from the Plaça Espanya along Eusebi Estada; by the Sa Riera park; and on the calle Marquès de la Sènia, which is one line back from the Paseo Marítimo leading into the Joan Miró avenue.

The leaflets are to be distributed via hotels and car-rental agencies (one would assume outside Palma), and the councillor for transport, Joan Ferrer, hopes that the information will allow visitors to be well-informed, so that they can choose the best options for themselves.

Parking will cost only five euros a day, and the leaflets indicate how long it will take to walk to the centre of the city or which buses (and metro in the case of Son Fuster) are available.

The capacities of the car parks are not mentioned nor is whether anyone can use them (hard to see how not) and nor whether they are due to be open all year.