Overbooking is an issue for Majorca hotels this summer.

01-07-2016Daniel Espinosa

The writing was on the wall at the beginning of the summer season, but the local authorities said that by using today’s technology and data banks the chance of Majorca having a problem with overbooking this summer was highly unlikely.

Today, however, the hotel federations and the authorities admitted that there is a problem and that in a number of cases guests are being diverted to other hotels due to a lack of accommodation on arrival.

What has not helped has been the ongoing security problems, especially in Turkey, and the fact that major UK low cost airlines are knocking out seats at discount prices. This means that, while there are seats available on the planes, there are no beds available in resort.

The small to medium-sized hotel chains are in close contact in order to try and contain the situation, but if the massive influx of tourists this month has exceeded expectations, what is going to happen in August as the season reaches its peak?

The majority of resort hotels are reporting occupancy in the region of around 95% while some are fully booked well into September. The areas with the greatest overbooking problems are Playa de Palma, Calvia, Alcudia, Can Picafort, Playa de Muro and Cala Millor.

The president of the Playa de Palma Hotel Federation, Francisco Marin, said today that everything is being done to solve the problems and guests are being immediately checked into hotels which have space. "All of the hoteliers and the tour operators are working together and we have the situation under control."

The massive demand for Majorca is not only affecting the hotel sector but also the holiday let market, with many rental agencies reporting that they too are running short of accommodation.


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Andy Rawson / Hace over 5 years

Simon, I shall remember the Aeroflot website when I consider leaving Mallorca... for good...


Simon Tow / Hace over 5 years

Andy, there are lots on the Aeroflot website. The non-returns are a real bargain.


Mike / Hace over 5 years

Mallorca ,same as other vacation destinations and certainly islands, have a maximum of x rooms, beds, rental homes/flats . So to avoid overbooking and knowing what was coming during the peak season this year and maybe next year , you can avoid all this by booking early, book via a serious travel company or agent and avoid unreasonable low travel-offers Why extend the capacity ? The overcrowded situation is mostly caused by non Mallorca-faithfulls who will disappear as fast as the arrived once the situation will improve in the well known low budget countries.


Andy Rawson / Hace over 5 years

I wish you would tell me where these low cost seats are because I cannot find them.


S. / Hace over 5 years

This demand for holidays to Mallorca was forecasted at the start of the Season. To say there is a drop in spending etc., is not occurring in the All Inclusive Hotel Package deals. People are coming to the Island as it has not had terrorist trouble, and is only a few hours travelling time, to good weather. When is The Tourist Industry going to accommafdate the obvious demand ?.