There are more hire cars, but there are also more tourists. | Gemma Andreu


The increased number of tourists coming to Majorca this summer has not had any notable impact on the hiring of cars until now. Ramon Reus, president of Aevab, one of the two hire-car agencies, says that rental in May and June was at a normal level - between 50 and 60% of the entire fleet. This has now risen to 80%, and for most of August all hire cars will be out on the roads.

Nevertheless, Reus believes that roads in Majorca and the other islands are being congested because of excess supply, an issue that concerns the association. More than 60,000 cars on Majorca's roads represent, he argues, an "outrage", as is also the case in Ibiza with 22,000 and Formentera with 3,000. In the latter case, the number of cars is "illogical" for an island of its size. In total, there are reckoned to be 20,000 more cars available than last summer.

"This oversupply doesn't benefit any business in our sector, while it affects the traditional image of the islands. This is why I am asking the regional government to look into the regulation the rental-agencies' fleets, so we know exactly where we stand."

Toni Mas Ferrer of the other association, Baleval, says that there are indeed more cars but that there are also more tourists, adding that there may be a need for regulation, as is the case with other activities. This said, he notes that there is no shortage of cars in Minorca, which is his area. "It's true that there are more cars than in previous years."