Residents are not convinced that things are getting better in Magalluf.


There is a great deal of discontent among residents and businesses in the area with the old houses in Magalluf. Complaints about municipal work and the amount of traffic are frequent. But there are also complaints regarding the amount of space that terraces and hotels occupy.

Residents say that there is a "vado permanente" permanently reserved/keep clear area, but in addition to an issue with access, there are terraces occupying the space as well as a lamppost and a sculpture. Some of the houses were built in the 1930s and are next to Nikki Beach.

Businesses complain that the second phase of work to transform Magalluf has created deficiencies in terms of cleanliness and green areas. The zone, they say, has become a second Punta Ballena.

Jacinta is one of the business people. A newsagent for forty years, she describes the situation as rotten. "There was propaganda that the work was going to change and improve but it has made things worse. The work has been badly scheduled."

José Antonio Moreno of a supermarket adds: "Everything appears to have been done to encourage prostitution and the drunks. The politicians say they want quality. Yet we put up with all this and nothing happens. We are the first ones to want everything to work well and for there to be quality tourism."

There is a common view among residents that no one is bothered about the people who live in the area; some of whom have always lived there. "They only want rich people. They've made a fine pedestrian boulevard. All the cars come. But they couldn't care less for the people living here."

José Pardo says: "Nothing has improved. Hundreds of taxis come by every hour. This is the second Punta Ballena. And furthermore, where are the gardens?"

Someone else adds: "We have never complained, but we have to put up with the noise, the screaming, the bar tables by our entrance. Our children can't go fishing and we can rarely go swimming. All they want is for us to get out of our houses."