Mayor Fornés of Muro emphasises the need for the new sewage treatment plant. | Ajuntament de Muro


The environmentalist group Terraferida (wounded land) has denounced what it describes as a massive and unprecedented spillage of wastewater in Albufera. The group says that some four hectares of land "of great value" in Albufera and on the neighbouring Son Bosc finca were affected.

The regional environment ministry admits that there has been a spillage and that it was caused by the collapse of a sewage pipe. The burst occurred on Tuesday, and emergency work was undertaken to try and stem the flow. This work was continued yesterday (Wednesday), and the government's water agency Abaqua reported that the spill had been stopped.

Technicians attribute the incident to the antiquated nature of the piping system combined with the pressure on the sewage system brought about by the great number of tourists. Although the sewage plant in Albufera serves both Playa de Muro and Can Picafort, the breakdown occurred in piping for Can Picafort.

Another environmentalist group, GOB, is seeking explanations from the government as to what happened, noting that there was a similar collapse little more than a year ago. Muro town hall says that the breakage was in piping that is 25 years old and which has not been maintained adequately. Santa Margalida town hall's delegate for Can Picafort, Joan Monjo, has criticised the government for not allocating money for the system.

This latest spillage is likely to bring calls for greater urgency in the establishment of the new sewage plant in Son Baulo. Muro town hall has been saying for years that there needs to be a new plant as the one in Albufera is obsolete. Mayor Marti Fornés argued today that incidents of the type which occurred on Tuesday will continue until the new plant is built.

The environment ministry, referring to the Son Baulo project, adds that the spill has aggravated the situation in Albufera, where there is, as elsewhere on the island, a lack of water and an excess of nutrients. This in part is because of the poor quality of water coming from the treatment plant in Sa Pobla, for which Abaqua is working on a plan for improvement in addition to getting going on the Son Baulo plant.