José Antonio Navarro, now suspended from duty in Calvia.

09-10-2014Alejandro Sepulveda

The former chief of the Calvia local police, José Antonio Navarro, has been provisionally suspended. The deputy mayor for general services and safety, Andreu Serra today announced the suspension, which follows a restraining order on Navarro issued by the Palma court investigating police corruption allegations.

This order, which prevents Navarro from going near the local police headquarters, the town hall building and the Plaça Pitiüses and calle Punta Ballena in Magalluf, effectively prevented him from engaging in police work in any event.

Navarro was arrested in September 2014 as part of an investigation into alleged corruption involving businesses in the nightlife sector (in Magalluf). He was released the following month and has been on sick leave but still attached to the force. In September last year, Justino Trenas was named as the new chief of police.

Two former chiefs of the Palma police have also been suspended. Joan Mut and Antoni Morey were given restraining orders by the same court and judge, Manuel Penalva. The suspension (without pay) is indefinite, says Palma's councillor for public safety, Angelica Pastor.

Morey replaced Mut when the latter's contract was not renewed (in effect he was sacked) by the current town hall administration. The reason given was "disobedience", though Mut does face charges related to the corruption investigation. Morey's position became untenable when he launched an attack on Pastor and the judge and prosecutor investigating the corruption allegations. The judge has now cited Morey as well.


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Charlie Flynn / Hace over 5 years

I wonder why no one mentioned the corruption of this Chief of Police? I certainly offered enough proof and ended up criminally charged and before a corrupt judge when I complained. It was complete lies meant to stop me from exposing them.


Paul / Hace over 5 years

Hi I can't believe that Navarro was being payed sick pay for two years when he him self had broken the law how can that be justice some people my say he's insernt until proven guilty but I was in the meeting with Navarro and members of calvia when he said that he had planted drugs in my local .