One of the forced entries. | Interior Ministry


The National Police have arrested a minor (age not disclosed) who is suspected of having committed at least 23 robberies from homes and business premises. Eleven of these were in Palma, five in Manacor and seven elsewhere on the island. The police are not ruling out that there having been more and so the robbery squad is continuing its investigations.

The minor is said to have forced open locks with a crowbar or something similar and to have targeted homes that were unoccupied and businesses that were closed. Cash and valuables were stolen and in some instances cash registers were also forced open.

The suspect had absconded from a juvenile detention centre and the robberies, carried out at an "alarming rate", were committed over a two-month period. The arrest was made on the same day that the last of the known 23 robberies was committed.

Some 5,500 euros in cash were stolen in all as well as items worth around a total of 5,000 euros.