Drunk holidaymaker in Magalluf is helped by lifeguards.


It is not all bad news in Magalluf, although that tends to attract more attention than the good news. On Friday morning, just ten minutes before the air sea rescue training exercise was due to take place in the resort, two lifeguards, on their way to participate in the operation, stopped to help a young British holidaymaker who had thoroughly enjoyed the night before. He was fast asleep on the beach wall, fully clothed and not bothering anyone.

The two lifeguards "professionally" tried to wake him; he was said to be very drunk. On the sixth attempt, he finally came round. The lifeguards, who speak English, asked him if he was all right, warned him about the dangers of falling asleep in the sun and if he wanted to use their facilities to take a shower. With no fuss, he was very grateful and made his way back to his hotel.