The parasols and loungers arranged on the beach in Cabrera.


Two superyachts, Trident and Mustique, took beach facilities and passengers to the island of Cabrera on Sunday. Hired out to the tune of 50,000 euros a week, these superyachts have been making a habit of what is being termed the "privatisation" of Balearic beaches.

In Cabrera, there was a questionable point of law. A beach was taken over by what was in effect a private party, with large designer umbrellas and their accompanying loungers. The Coasts Act says that beaches cannot be for exclusive use.

There were seemingly no security or bodyguards for the yachts' passengers, but there have been with similar occurrences, such as at Playa d'es Carbó when a superyacht with an Arab sheikh turned up with its passengers. Security was keeping others away.

There have been other cases at different beaches and coves on all of the four islands (and now a fifth, as in Cabrera). These takeovers have been causing indignation on social media and in more direct ways at beaches themselves.

The Balearic nautical industry was congratulating itself last week at the arrival of superyachts - prices to hire up to 100,000 euros per week. Margarita Dahlberg, president of the Balearic association of nautical business and industries, said - as reported in the Bulletin on Sunday - that the quality of "water, coves and anchorage" in the Balearics is "unbeatable". It would seem that she was right.

Agents from the regional environment ministry have denounced the occupation of the Cabrera beach, and the Costas Authority is to open proceedings against "illicit" activity.