Cooler than usual in Majorca in August? Still hot enough. | Archive

The Aemet meteorology agency reports that this August in Majorca was the coolest for some years. Across the island as a whole, the average temperature was 24.5C, which was 0.7C lower than normal. The historical lower temperatures varied according to parts of the island. They were at their lowest for six years in Palma, nine years in Pollensa and eleven years in Sa Pobla.

There was a more appreciable drop for nighttime temperatures - the average was 18.8C against a normal 19.9C. As for maximum daytime temperatures, the average was 30.3C, which was 0.3C below what is typical. The highest temperature registered was 38.1C in Pollensa on 4 August.

The agency states that there were no heatwaves in August and that the cooler temperatures were the result of easterly winds dominating while southerly air was less of a factor.

The water shortage was not helped by an absence of rain. The agency describes August as having been "very dry" with 95% less rainfall than usual. A mere 1.2 litres per square metre of rain were registered against 20.5 litres. The lack of rain is attributed to the fact that the second half of the month was not characterised by cold fronts which are not uncommon in bringing some instability to the month's weather. The accumulated rainfall deficit since August last year, according to the agency, is now 27%.

Looking ahead, the intense storms of late summer and autumn can be anticipated, but Aemet is forecasting a generally drier and warmer three months to the end of November. The summer season, it suggests, is lengthening. In the immediate short-term, there could be isolated showers in the afternoons pretty much anywhere on the island. Temperatures will be around normal for the time of year with highs of 29C.