Ice-creams in high demand as temperature records are broken in Majorca. | Miquel A. Cañellas


Last Sunday, it needs little saying, was very hot, and the Aemet meteorology agency points out that September records were broken in parts of Majorca. In Colonia Sant Pere, for instance, the high was 37.7C, two degrees above the previous record on 10 September 2008. In Pollensa, the 37.6C exceeded the record of 35.1C in 2014.

In Son Servera the high of 37.6C was over three degrees more than in 2014 - an exceptionally hot September - while in the Tramuntana (Banyalbufar), the 35.9C on Sunday was way over the 31.1C of 2012.

Monday wasn't quite as hot, but it was still hot enough. Llucmajor registered the top temperature of 37.8C. Sunday's temperatures were affected by southerly air which typically gives a suffocating feel. The breezes have shifted to make things somewhat cooler, but the rest of the week will still feature highs of 30C or more.

In September 2014 hot and sticky weather continued beyond the middle of the month with the last ten days of the month bringing some relief and one or two torrential storms (normal for September).

It is not just the Balearics which have been feeling the heat. Aemet says that some places in the south of the country are smashing September heat records, with one site near Seville logging 45.4C (113.7F). Cordoba airport has registered over 45C, while ten weather stations across the south measured temperatures above 44C.

More than two dozen weather stations registered record heat on Monday. The agency said on its Twitter account that Monday was a "historic day of heat" for September. Southern Spain is known for its high temperatures in summer, but September usually brings cooler days.

The weather agency forecasts lower temperatures from tomorrow.