The operation by local police that has annoyed the port police. | Policia Local Palma


An action against illegal selling by Palma local police on Monday has sparked off a row between the town hall and the police in the city's port. The action involved 35 officers from different units against illegal sellers who congregate at a point where they can hopefully sell to cruise ship passengers. More than a thousand counterfeit items were seized and there were two arrests.

Having taken this action, the port police (or someone within the force) took to Twitter to report that the local police had acted against illegal selling and to then insist that they would not allow any further "transfer or invasion of their powers". In other words, the port police argue that it's their job to deal with what goes on in the port and that the local police should only be involved if there is case of someone (or some people) committing a crime.

Angelica Pastor, the town hall's councillor for public safety and police, responded to all this by saying that the town hall has been expecting an agreement on collaboration for months. A proposal for a joint force has yet to bring about a reply. The aggrieved port police reacted to this by saying that it was typical and took aim at the the ports authority as well: it takes no notice of the port police. The reaction continued: "We would be delighted to collaborate but not to give away (our powers)."

The illegal sellers began to set up in the port because of local police actions in the city centre. The town hall, meanwhile and despite the port police's feelings, says that actions like the one on Monday will continue.