Going to the cinema rates as being a cultural interest, though judging by the photo ... | DE

With the exception of going to the cinema, half the population of the Balearics has little or more or less no engagement with cultural activities. According to a study presented by the regional ministry for transparency, culture and sport, the level of cultural interest on the islands is around the same as elsewhere in the European Union. Of the 50% that are more interested, a half of these are regular "consumers" of culture.

The profiling of habitual culture consumers indicates that there are more women (54%) and that the average age is 42. Most were born in the Balearics (65%), while 46% are "habitual" speakers of Catalan.

The study suggests that "limited and poor quality" cultural offer is a greater barrier to engaging in cultural activities than is the case elsewhere in Europe. Catalan, it is found, plays a "very minor" role, despite being the language most commonly used by those who are the greatest consumers of culture. A lack of interest is discovered in circus, dance and libraries, while a lack of time and prices being too high are further reasons for not pursuing cultural activities.