Better days: 92% reservoir capacity in March 2013. | Archive

Emaya, Palma's municipal services agency, had said that if there weren't appreciable rainfalls by the end of September, it would stop drawing water from the Tramuntana reservoirs (Cuber and Gorg Blau). As things have turned out, rain has been sufficient for it to continue to take water, despite the fact that rainfall in the immediate area of the reservoirs has been light compared with other parts of the island.

On Monday, the combined water reserve was 27.25%, which is well down on the same time in 2015 when it was 43%. The reservoirs are currently providing 12% of water requirements, whereas they were contributing 40% in October last year.

The agency is continuing to buy in the amount of desalinated water that it had previously planned to because of the low levels of the reservoirs and aquifers. Desalinated water at present accounts for 48.8% of Palma's supply. This time last year no desalinated water was being used.