Balearic legislation to ban bullfighting will have to take account of the court's ruling. | EFE


Following the Constitutional Court's ruling on the unconstitutionality of Catalonia's bullfighting ban, the Balearic government is saying that legality will be respected in amending animal welfare legislation in order to ban bullfights and other shows with animals in the Balearics.

Government spokesperson Pilar Costa said today that proposed legislation in the Balearics is similar to that of Catalonia and that the transmission of the legislation had been suspended in anticipation of the court's ruling. Nevertheless, she suggested that legislation will still proceed and with full respect for legality. "It cannot be otherwise."

Marga Prohens, spokesperson for the Partido Popular, called for the legislation to be withdrawn from the parliamentary process. "It would be very serious to continue with this botched law. It is one thing to talk about animal protection, and the PP is willing to, but quite another to pursue a legal nonsense." The court's ruling, she noted, had confirmed the PP's opinion that the regional government does not have the power to draw up regulations on this matter.

"We had already warned that there were unconstitutional aspects. It makes no sense to continue with the processing of the legislation as it is drafted or to regulate something over which the government has no powers."