The forest by Bellver castle is a target for tourist tax revenue. | CLICK


Palma town hall will present fourteen projects worth fourteen million euros for funding from tourist tax revenue.

The most costly of these projects - one for 4.2 million euros - is for sustainable mobility in Playa de Palma, es Carnatge and Pla de Sant Jordí. The second most expensive one (2.6 million euros) is for the renovation of the water supply system in Amanecer. Slightly less costly (2.2 million) is the rehabilitation of the Torres del Temple and conversion into a museum and information centre.

Two projects for the Bellver forest amount to almost 1.5 million euros. Others include smart wifi for Playa de Palma, the acquisition of a ladder truck for the fire service, a digital radio system for the police, complaints vans for the public in areas of high tourist numbers and the promotion of accessible tourism and of the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation.

The town hall is also looking to make a request for tourist tax revenue to help with funding a widening of the network for recycled water that is used for green spaces in the city.