Francina Armengol, who is lobbying for improved financing arrangements for the Balearics.


President Armengol has invited the Catalonian government to join the Balearics and other regions led by PSOE to form a lobby to defend "common" interests when it comes to the system of regional financing.

The Balearic president made this invitation at a meeting on federal reform organised by a foundation which is linked to PSOE in Catalonia. She spoke of a "great opportunity" that has now opened up because the Partido Popular of the national government does not a clear majority.

This is "good news" as it creates a "space for political dialogue" especially, she noted, as there are regions governed by those who are clear that, together, things can move forward out of respect for diversity.

The socialist-led governments of the Balearics, Valencia and Aragon plus the Catalonian government of Carles Puigdemont (who isn't a socialist) have the chance, Armengol stressed, to move the pieces on the Spanish board in order that there is a better fit.

She added that she intends speaking often with the Catalonian government, as she pursues a model of "fiscal federalism" to change the current system of financing. She said that there needs to be a generous offer made to Catalonia in order that there is a state (Spain) in which everyone feels comfortable.