Calvia's mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez, addressing the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona.


Calvia is to host the international Smart Island World Congress and Exhibition in April next year. This announcement was made by the mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez, at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, to which he and other town hall representatives had been invited.

The mayor told an audience in Barcelona that as a pioneering and leading island tourist destination, Calvia is "without doubt" the best place in Majorca to stage this congress. The choice, he added, underlines the reputation of Calvia as an innovative destination in terms of technology, the environment, sustainability and energy efficiency.

The congress will on 20 and 21 April. It will be under the umbrella of the Fira de Barcelona (the trade fair organisation), which is co-managed by the Catalonian government, Barcelona town hall and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. More than seventy destinations and 1,500 participants are expected. Calvia will be the main sponsor, investing 110,000 euros, and have financial support of up to 300,000 euros from the Council of Majorca. The rest of the funding will be from the private sector.

It is hoped that Calvia will be the regular host for a congress that promotes the concept of the smart island, which is essentially concerned with the use of digital and cutting-edge technologies for increasing efficiencies, reducing costs and improving the quality of life. A smart island also has integrated solutions to environmental and infrastructure (water, transport) management.


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Davon Baker / Hace over 4 years

I am a very unhappy and frustrated visitor, and invited delegate to the Smart Islands World Congress. I came from a 13-square-mile island in the Caribbean called Carriacou, representing the Government of Grenada.I enjoyed the event very much, and looked forward to pursuing new professional relationships. However, the experience was completely marred by the theft of my passport in Palma, hours before I flew home. Could someone please connect me with Mayor Rodriguez or Prime Minister (ex) Zapatero? They were all highly featured at the conference. But now all the photo opportunities are past, I am stuck here, unable to return to my home and family in a timely way, and being forced through the inconvenience of crazy costs to survive in Mallorca and to try to get home. I need people to step up and help in a tangible way. I NEED TO GO HOME!!!

Soy un visitante muy infeliz y frustrado, e invito al delegado al Congreso Mundial de Smart Islands. Vine de una isla de 13 millas cuadradas en el Caribe llamada Carriacou, en representación del Gobierno de Granada. Disfruté mucho el evento, y esperaba con interés buscar nuevas relaciones profesionales. Sin embargo, la experiencia fue completamente estropeado por el robo de mi pasaporte en Palma, horas antes de volar a casa. ¿Podría alguien por favor conectar conmigo con el alcalde Rodríguez o el primer ministro (ex) Zapatero? Todos fueron altamente destacados en la conferencia. Pero ahora todas las oportunidades fotográficas están pasadas, estoy atascado aquí, incapaz de regresar a mi casa y familia de manera oportuna, y ser forzado por la inconveniencia de los costos locos para sobrevivir en Mallorca y tratar de llegar a casa. Necesito que la gente se acerque y ayude de una manera tangible. ¡¡¡NECESITO IR A CASA!!!


CHRIS KELLY / Hace over 4 years

Pleases could someone tell me how to obtain passes for this event in aprill ????